Our Mutual Exchange service enables NLM tenants to exchange homes with other social housing tenants. The service allows you to advertise your property, as well as showing you what other properties are available to you.

All NLM tenants are able to sign up for the mutual exchange website  at www.homeswapper.co.uk .  Once you have an account and have entered your details, the search engine matches up tenants who want to exchange by the criteria they have put in.  Tenants then make contact with their matches and view each others property.  If both parties like the properties and would like to exchange, it is at this point that tenants need to contact their respective landlords and fill out forms informing their landlord of the intention to exchange.

Once the landlords receive the application there is a 42 day time period in which the mutual exchange should be  carried out. The landlords will then carry out property inspections and provide references regarding their tenant to the counter-part landlord.   If both landlords agree to the exchange, they will set a date when the legal agreement to exchange is made.  Once the documents are signed, the tenants are free to exchange their homes on the same day.

NLM tenants can sign up to homeswapper by clicking the link.  Once the online application is filled out NLM will have to approve the application, you will then be able to access the full service.

Once you have a suitable exchange partner, each party must please fill out the following form and return it to the association, which will start the formal exchange process.

The association cannot agree to a mutual exchange under the following circumstances:

  • You have rent arrears. (Rent arrears must be cleared before a mutual exchange)
  • Your have not looked after your home and it is in a poor condition.
  • We have a possession order against you.
  • Starter or introductory tenants will not be considered for a mutual exchange.

For more information on mutual exchange please contact us on 0208 815 4200 or email us at: customer.services@nlmha.com