Mutual Exchange

Our Mutual Exchange service enables NLMHA tenants to exchange homes with other social housing tennats. The service allows you to advertise your property, as well as showing you what other properties are available to you.

If you are a NLMHA tenant, you will need to take the following steps to benefit from this service:

NLMHA has recently signed up to a Mutual Exchange service called HomeSwapper which is free to all NLMHA tenants.

1. Click here to register online with HomeSwapper.

2. Fill out the online application

3. Once you register with HomeSwapper and it has been approved by NLMHA, you will be able to access information about homes from other participating NLMHA tenants.

A mutual exchange has to be agreed by NLMHA before you can move. Please note that NLMHA may not grant permission for a mutual exchange in the following circumstances:

– You have rent arrears. (Rent arrears must be cleared before a mutual exchange)

– Your have not looked after your home and it is in a poor condition.

– We have a possession order against you.

– To enter into a Mutual Exchange, you must have an assured tennancy and have lived your in your property for atleast twelve months.

– Starter tennants will not be considered for a mutal exchange. is the UK’s largest service helping people like you swap homes. In the past year HomeSwapper has helped over 25,000 tenants move home!

For more information on mutual exchange please contact us on 0208 815 4200 or email us at: