Debt and Money Management

Managing debt can be difficult, the links below may help residents in difficult times.

Hackney – Discretionary Crisis Support Scheme

To apply, call customer service line on 0208 356 3000

Provides one off payments for emergencies or items that are difficult to budget for, and are not covered by normal social security benefits. Main help involves:

  • Basic living needs – food, utilities, clothing, footwear
  • Digital access and support – mobile phone top up, broadband
  • Emergency travel to access essential services e.g. hospital/funeral
  • Community assistance – essential white goods, bedding, flooring, rent in advance and deposits for new tenancies


Waltham Forest- Local Welfare Allowance


Payments may provide:

  • food vouchers, or a referral to the local food bank
  • top up for electricity or gas pre-paid meters
  • essential household items to help you set up home, or remain in your home
  • a referral to get low cost furniture

Tower hamlets – Residents Support Scheme


Help with short term living costs such as credit food and gas/electric prepayment metres. It can also help in some circumstances with white goods and furniture. Cash will not usually be awarded, but a pay point voucher can be supplied to the applicant where necessary. Vouchers will be awarded to enable residents to purchase the items that they require, such as furniture.



Money Works Emergency Loan – Must be Paid back with an arrangement, comes in 2 forms.

Community Support – You may be able to get Community Support for basic necessities such as furniture and white goods and clothing if you are leaving institutional care or being resettled, or if you are looking after someone.

Crisis Support – You may be able to get Crisis Support if you are going through a disaster or an emergency and getting the support is the only way to stop the situation causing harm to you or someone in your household. Support will help to pay for food, fuel, and other basic living expenses.

Covid Winter Grant Scheme

  • Support to help ensure vulnerable households and families with children (under age of 19 as at 31/03/2021) have food on the table and other essentials to keep warm and well-fed this winter.
  • Support to relieve exceptional pressure on families.
  • In need of support to relieve exceptional pressure on household.


Financial Support during COVID-19

Online Form-

  • Outcome response is provided within 3 weeks.
  • Awards are made to cover the costs of furniture and white goods, connecting appliances, moving costs, bills and many more. Must state request on the form

North Enfield Food Bank

  • Once tenant is identified as in need of food, email north enfield food bank and they provide details on how a voucher could be obtained.