Paying Rent

Paying Your Rent

NLM is a non-profit making organisation. The rent we collect is used for managing our properties, keeping them in good repair and to repay loans taken out against them.

Please remember that non-payment of rent can lead to you losing your home.

How Can I Pay My Rent?

Paying your rent on time is vital in maintaining your tenancy. Rent is due in advance every Monday. NLM has the following methods to pay your rent:

By Standing Order

You can set up a standing order at your bank and our bank details are:

Finsbury Park
312 Seven Sisters Road
London N4 2AW

Acc Name: North London Muslim Housing Association

Account Number: 91073095
Sort Code: 40-06-25

Please ensure your tenancy number is setup with your payment to ensure it is allocated properly to your account.

Please note that, unlike Direct Debit Payments, the amount you pay will not change automatically with any changes in your rent level. You will need to instruct your bank to update the amount paid.

Payment Card

You will be able to pay your rent and service charge using you payment card, at your local convenience store that displays the “PayPoint” sign or at any Post Office.

If you require a new card please email or call our office on 020 8815 4200. The cards are ready to be used once you receive them , please use this method of paying your rent instead of the rent books. Rent books are no longer available.

Card Payments

We are also taking card payments as requested by many residents.

You will be able to make payments over the telephone (020 8815 4200) with your Credit or Debit Card. Payments can only be accepted from cards that have the MasterCard, Maestro and Visa Logos.

Help With Your Rents

If you are on a low income or unemployed and have difficulty paying your rent, you may obtain Housing Benefit from your Local Authority to help with your rent. This should be paid direct to NLM. The amount of help you get depend on how much money you or your partner receive, the size of your family, and how much rent you have to pay. You can ask the Housing Officer for the address of the Housing Benefit Office in your Local Authority where you may obtain the relevant forms.

You may be entitled to other Welfare Benefits such as Income Support or Disability Living Allowance. You may obtain this information from your Housing Officer, your Local Authority Advice Centre or the DSS.