Why rent from us?

NLM provides good quality affordable homes in desirable areas, making us a landlord of choice.  With our dedication to outstanding customer care and efficient services, we offer a range of safe, modern residencies across North and East London.  Our properties provide comfortable living in the sought-after London Boroughs of Hackney, Waltham Forest, Newham, Tower Hamlets and Enfield.  We are continually developing contemporary homes in the areas we operate, offering our residents and potential tenants’ access to well-built, energy efficient properties.

To rent from NLM you will have to be registered with the local authority where we have properties as we do not maintain a waiting list and do not take direct applicants.  All new tenants to NLM are referred to us from referral agencies (i.e., the local authorities).  They determine the eligibility for access to social housing and this done through their Choice-based letting system.

Choice-based letting

When we build new properties or our existing properties become empty, we advertise these under the local authority’s choice-based lettings system. Successful applicants from the local authority are then forwarded to us to provide homes.  It is the local authority who identifies eligibility for housing.

Choice-based letting (CBL) is a housing allocation system designed to provide individuals and families with greater flexibility and input into the selection of their accommodation. This approach aims to empower applicants by offering them a range of housing options and allowing them to express preferences based on their unique needs and circumstances.

In a choice-based letting system, potential tenants are presented with a list of available properties, each accompanied by detailed information such as location, size, and amenities. Applicants can then express their preferences by ranking their choices or bidding on properties they are interested in.

As part of our lettings process, we carry out identity and affordability checks before we rent our properties.