Senior Management

Aziz Rahim

Chief Executive

Aziz has forged a solid understanding of the Housing Sector during his career having spent the last 23 years as a highly motivated and experienced housing professional.

After graduating as an architect he started his career as a university lecturer in the subject. He then pursued post-graduate research in housing at Oxford Brookes University. His background as a qualified architect has given him an unparalleled depth of understanding to negotiate with Development Partners regarding new projects.

Aziz understands the link between a financially well-run business, the highest quality customer service and making a difference to people’s lives. His track record of great leadership and instigating real change through challenging staff to achieve great things is matched by a proven ability to build lasting partnerships, good financial acumen, strong strategic planning and excellent communication skills.

Aziz has an excellent track record for working with the Board and Regulators; strategy and policy development; preparing and managing budgets; implementing cultural change and people management.

Aziz has served as an independent Board member to the following housing associations:

1. Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust
2. Hyde Hillside – Subsidiary – Hyde Group
3. Christian Action Housing Association
4. Waltham Forest Housing Association

As an Independent Board Member, Aziz influenced and contributed to the mission, vision and business plans of these organisations. He was one of the lead board members overseeing developments for all four of the above housing associations and has extensive experience in Governance.

Aziz seeks challenges in which he can make use of his breadth of experience and utilise his talents, energy and enthusiasm. From Paradigm Housing, Aziz joined NLM in June 2003. He was the Housing Services Director and since June 2014, he has been serving NLM as the Chief Executive.

Moosa Bhamjee

Resources Director

Moosa is a qualified Chartered Certified Accountant and currently Resources Director at North London Muslim Housing Association (NLM). He has been in post since December 2010. Prior to this position he was the Finance Manager.

Moosa has huge experience in Housing Association finances having worked in the sector since April 1999. He is skilled and experienced in running the finance functions of housing associations with over 20 years of practice in the field.

NLMHA’s finances are robustly and prudently protected and with his skill and experience the association’s finances are strong, growing from strength to strength. He steered NLM’s finance’s through one of the deepest economic downturns in the last decade. Moosa is a strong negotiator with a wealth of experience in dealing with financial, banking and accounting matters.

During his period at NLM, the association has sailed through its audits which have always been unqualified. So has the Auditor’s management letters sent to NLM’s regulator the Regulator of Social Housing (RSH).

Moosa has successfully negotiated many multi million pound loans, the most recent being a further £10m facility from Santander. It is a testament to the prudent management of the association’s finances over the last couple of decade that lenders had the appetite to lend during all economic climates.

He has also developed excellent IT skills honed over the years. Moosa developed and implemented change for good within the association’s stable trouble free IT systems and infra structure. This has been in place for many years now.

Amongst his other tasks he leads on Human Resources supported by competent HR staff. Staff at NLM are highly motivated performing exceptionally. He is also overall responsible for Health and Safety and office security.

Ibrahim Khan

Assets Director

Ibrahim Khan is the Assets Director and a qualified Building surveyor with over 40 years’ experience in the construction sector., achieving his degree in Building surveying at Greenwich university. He is also a registered party wall surveyor, dealing with Party Wall matters. He has been involved within the social housing sector for 22 years and involved in procuring and developing a portfolio of over 650 homes over a twenty year period for the organisation within the London, ranging from new build developments to refurbished Housing Stock.

He leads the Maintenance Department to provide high quality technical advice and quality assurance to our residents. He understands NLM Assets in depth and has been at the forefront in thriving and producing quality homes for NLM residents.

Ibrahim was the first Building surveyor employed by NLM leading our maintenance division He headed and implemented the Stock condition survey programme leading on the strategic direction for the organisation to meet the decent home standards and implemented the planned forecast maintenance programmes for our assets. He is also a person people, and has achieved in training several staff in the Building Surveying discipline who had no prior knowledge in this sector and are now working as Building surveyors within the housing sector.

Ibrahim implemented and is currently leading on our decarbonisation strategy of our assets and involved with our first decarbonised trial programme of one assets based in Newham.

Ikbal Hussain

Housing Director

Ikbal is a Computing graduate and the Housing Director at North London Muslim Housing Association (NLM). He has been in post since April 2020. Prior to this position he was the Head of Housing , who was leading the housing team in delivering top performing services.

Ikbal has worked at NLM since 2006 in various housing management roles and gained significant experiences which has enabled him to Lead and develop the strategic priorities and plans for Housing Services functions, ensuring excellent customer service, achievement of plans and targets, delivering a comprehensive and expanding range of services to meet the needs of its residents.

As the Head of Housing he leads on the housing management functions of the association including but not limited to the management of the team, void management and lettings, allocations, arrears management, income collection, neighbourhood management, anti-social behaviour management, tenancy sustainment, resident engagement, customer care, customer satisfaction and complaints. Ikbal is also responsible for overseeing the delivery of new developments.

As the principal liaison with local authorities and strategic partnerships Ikbal has forged valuable ties with counterparts which have promoted NLM in stature and recognise it as a significant provider in the areas of its operation. Ikbal is also an active member on two benchmarking groups sharing and implementing best practice as well as ensuring the association is well represented and performing at the top tier within its peer group.

With Ikbal’s strategic leadership the association has had excellent performance in maintaining KPI’s which are in the top quartile of its peer group. Ikbal has delivered on maintaining low arrears within an increasing and expanding stock profile. He has also ensured 100% of rent is collected as well as maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction as evidenced from the annual satisfaction surveys.

As a Computing graduate with industry experience, Ikbal has used his considerable skills in steering the IT strategy to gain efficiencies and better use of new technologies.