While the Association is responsible for insuring the building where you live, we do not insure the contents of your home – and we strongly advise you to take out contents insurance.

Locks and Keys

Please note that we do not hold a spare set of keys for your property.
Your property will have been let to you in a secure state, however you may wish to improve the security of your property by adding extra locks to your doors and windows, which you will have to arrange and pay for yourself.
Your local Crime Prevention Officer will be able to offer advice on home security.

Condensation – How to avoid it…

Condensation is dampness caused by warm, wet air settling as water on walls and other cold surfaces. A certain amount of condensation in any home is unavoidable, but the following tips should help you keep it to a minimum:

Try not to leave kettles or saucepans boiling, use lids on saucepans as much as possible
Provide adequate ventilation when cooking or using a tumble dryer
Keep your home reasonably warm all day and at night
Allow plenty of air to circulate within your home
If you have them, keep window vents open to improve ventilation
Keep clothes drying indoors to a minimum
Burst Pipes and Leaks

If you suffer a pipe burst or major leak:

Turn off your stopcock – make sure you know where your stopcock is in case of emergency
Do not touch any electrical equipment affected by water
Turn off your electricity supply at the mains if it is safe to do so
Call us as soon as possible

Your Garden

You are responsible for keeping your garden looking neat and tidy, please do not allow rubbish to build up or let the garden become overgrown. This applies to trees, hedges and shrubs.

Rubbish Disposal

Please ensure you dispose of your rubbish carefully. Ensure you place your rubbish in the appropriate place for collection and that rubbish bags are tied to avoid rubbish being spread around by animals. If rubbish build-up requires us to remove it, a charge will be made against the tenants living where the rubbish is dumped. Please take bulky rubbish to your local dump or arrange for your Local Council to collect it.

Working from home

You should not operate a business from your home, however there may be instances when we would give permission if the nature of the business will not affect the residential nature of your property, such as book keeping or childminding. In all cases you must seek the permission of the Group.