Ending your tenancy

To end your tenancy, you will be asked to attend the office to discuss the matter and to complete a form, giving four weeks’ notice of your intention to terminate your tenancy.

Please remember, if you have a Joint Tenancy both parties should sign the Termination Form.

Once your notice has been received an officer from the Association will visit your property to carry out an inspection.

The purpose of this inspection is to check that the property is in good order ahead of you handing it back to us.

Please remember that it is a condition of your Tenancy Agreement that you keep the property in good order during your stay. Any works that you are required to carry out will be pointed out to you at the time of the visit and followed up in writing. You will need to remove all of your personal items including furniture, carpets and any flooring installed by yourselves. We will charge you for any work not done and the removal of your personal items left in the property before you leave. We will also let you know how much rent you will owe up to the end of your tenancy, which must be paid in full. You must also clear any other debts you have with the Association (for example, charges for repairs that we have carried out on your behalf). In most cases, an officer will arrange to collect keys and carry out a final inspection of the property with you at the end of the notice period. If this is not possible, you must return all keys to the property to the Association by 12 noon on the Monday that your tenancy ends.

In some circumstances, we have the right to ask a court for permission to take back your home. We may do this if you, or someone else in your household, breaks the rules of your tenancy, for example, by:

• failing to pay the rent regularly
• being a nuisance to your neighbours
• being violent towards your partner or family
• being convicted of using your home for illegal purposes
• damaging the property
• lying to get the tenancy
• moving out or leaving your home empty for a long period.

We can also end your tenancy for the following reasons:
• You are an assured shorthold tenant and your tenancy term is over.
• You live in a property that is designed for someone with a special need that no-one in your household now has.
• You succeeded to the tenancy, but the property is bigger than you need. We will ask you to move somewhere smaller.

Decants – moving so that your home can be repaired or demolished

If you are an assured tenant, we can also ask you to move if your home is going to be demolished or needs major improvement work that we can’t complete with you living there. We may ask you to move to another home temporarily, or move you permanently to another property. In either case, we will pay your reasonable removal costs. We may also give you an amount for disturbance – to help with some of your additional costs you have to meet.