We endeavour to provide the best service that we can to our valued residents time to time our service may not be upstanding or if you feel that something’s gone wrong please call our teams and we hope to resolve the issues.

If we are still unable to resolve the issues due to a failure in service or you are still unsatisfied you can make a formal complaint, this can be in person, over the phone or by writing. We strongly recommend complaints to be sent by email to complaints@nlmha.com .

We will try and resolve your complaint within 10 working days of receiving your complaint, if we are unable to we will communicate our need to extend the timescale.

NLM is has signed up to the housing ombudsman service and you can be assured that we will follow the code of practise published by the ombudsman.   Our complaints policy outlines how we will deal with the complaints and escalation points. If you are still unsatisfied with NLM’s services you can approach the ombudsman.


Contact details for the Ombudsman:



Complaint form: Fill in the online form


Email: info@housing-ombudsman.org.uk

Phone: 0300 111 3000

Write: Housing Ombudsman Service, PO Box 152, Liverpool L33 7WQ

Fax: 020 7831 1942