Domestic violence is a very serious crime. If you are experiencing domestic violence, we at NLM will do all we can to help you get the advice and support you need.

Domestic violence can cause emotional and physical damage as well as giving you that feeling of being alone.

NLM can offer you support on what to do if you report domestic violence and put you in contact with people who can provide you with much needed support.

Forms of Domestic Violence

  • Forms of domestic violence may include:
  • Physical violence
  • Sexual violence
  • Bullying
  • Violence or threat to children,
  • and many more…

Reporting domestic violence to NLM

If you are experiencing domestic violence please contact us on 02088 154 200. We will then arrange for you to speak to a housing officer as soon as possible. However if you feel threatened and you are in danger please call the Police as an emergency on 999.

You can also email us at and we can arrange an appointment for you at your convenience.

Other Help

If you do not wish to contact NLM, there a number of organisations that provide specialist support for  domestic violence.  Please see the the following list of resources that will be able to provide further assistance :

Victim Support


  • Helps victims of domestic abuse (specifically aimed at supporting South Asian women and children).
  • Places women and children made homeless by domestic abuse into refuges to live safely and offers emotional/practical support.
  • 0207 517 1420 / 0207 858 6500 (MON-FRI 9am-5pm)
  • /

National domestic abuse helpline run by Refuge

  • 0808 200 0247 – available 24/7
  • Help in making decisions/advice and any further support for those suffering domestic violence
  • Trained female advisors

Solace Women’s Aid Network

  • 0808 802 5565
  • Provides free and confidential telephone support for women over age 14 who have experienced any form of domestic or sexual abuse to build safe and strong lives.
  • Support includes safety, housing, benefits, access to legal services.

London Black Women’s  Project

  • Support for Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic, Refugee Women suffering from domestic violence.
  • 020 8472 0528 (Mon- Fri 9am -5pm)
  • Provide emergency accommodation based emergency services with housing support for women and children fleeing domestic/sexual violence- Refuges are in Newham and Haringey
  • Free legal advice, information services and advocacy on domestic/sexual abuse, housing, civil matters, legal rights, immigration issues and more.
  • Counselling services if you feel emotionally unwell, experiencing depression, thinking about self-harm or experiencing self-harm, or just need to speak to someone about how you are feeling, we can help.

Galop – National LGBT Domestic Abuse Helpline

  • 0800 999 5428 (Mon-Fri 10am-5pm)
  • Abuse from family, partners and ex partners. Space for service users to talk and think about what they want away from the pressure at home.
  • Can help service users to explore their options, plan to make themselves safer, look for safe housing and speak with the police

Family Lives

Samaritans (Listening service)

  • Free to call for anybody on 116123 any time to speak to a volunteer – you talk and the volunteers listen, giving space and focusing on the talkers thoughts and feelings.
  • To discuss any issues or concerns, including family problems, loss, financial worries, loneliness and isolation, depression, drug or alcohol use, thoughts of suicide, painful and/or disabling physical illness.
  • Emails will be responded to within 24 hours –

Respect Phone Line

Men’s Advice Line

Mental Health Direct 

  • 0300 555 1000 – answered 24 hours. Arrange to speak to a mental professional.
  • If you live in Waltham Forest borough.

Hackney Crisis Helpline

  • 0208 432 8020
  • Help 24/7 if you are in harm or believe you might harm yourself or someone else

Tower Hamlets Community Intervention Service (CIS)

  • The service offers support across a broad range of needs with a focus on those at risk of eviction, in unsafe accommodation, with substance misuse or mental health needs or those who are subject to serious safeguarding concerns.
  • Support individuals to avoid crisis, achieve greater stability and link into appropriate local services.
  • 0203 222 4022
  • Residents Self referral form

Tower Hamlets Sanctuary Project

  • Helps with victims of domestic abuse and risk of homelessness
  • Free service tailored for victims of domestic abuse that want to live in their home and exclude the offender. Can help tailor the security in the home for safe living.
  • Sanctuary Project Officer- 0800 279 5434

Talking Therapies for self- referrals

  • Help people with a wide range of worries, common mental health problems and emotional difficulties.
  • Initial assessment appointment is first made and then signposted as necessary to a professional such as a psychologist.



0208 702 4900

Tower Hamlets

0208 475 8080/ 0208 536 2450


020 8536 2450