Become a tenant board member

We are currently looking to recruit a co-opted tenant Board member

As a Board member you would take part in regular meetings to discuss our strategic direction and policies.

We want to be acknowledged by our residents as a first-class service provider. You would bring an important tenant viewpoint to the heart of our decision making.

Applications will be considered by the Board and, those it considers meet the criteria for selection may be invited for an interview.

Useful skills

Please let us know if you have skills and/or qualifications in any of the following areas, which are required by NLM:

  • Finance or banking
  • Legal
  • Governance and compliance in organisation
  • Human resources management
  • Development, building and construction
  • Housing management
  • Information technology and cyber security
  • Health and safety, or
  • Leadership and management.

If you have an interest in the social housing sector and in working for the community, we’d love to hear from you!

We positively encourage applications from diverse backgrounds and, in particular, female applicants, since they are currently under-represented in the organisation.

To find out more about applying to join the Board as a co-opted tenant member, phone our Resident Engagement Officer on 020 8815 4200 or email