Intermediate Rent

SharetoBuy is an official website that helps first time buyers on to the property ladder. As well as providing search facilities for shared ownership, it also advertises rental properties under the Intermediate Rent housing programme. Rents are typically set at 80% of the market rent, making it comparatively more affordable, as well as being more easily accessible.

Click here for this rental scheme

Open Market rent

If you are not eligible for social housing, there are other housing options you may consider. We would recommend using estate agents, such as Right Move or Purple Bricks, to help you find a suitable home. Some options are below:

  • Private renting
  • Shared ownership
  • Home ownership schemes

Shared ownership

Shared Ownership is an affordable scheme designed to help those who cannot afford to buy on the open market, to be able to take steps towards home ownership. The scheme works by allowing you to buy part of the property and rent the remainder until you are able to purchase the whole of the property. With a shared ownership property you become an owner-occupier, this gives you the long-term security and stability of home ownership at a price that’s still affordable. Please visit our Shared Ownership page for more information.