Resident Scrutiny Panel

Scrutinising our services is all about making sure we provide excellent services that meet the standards we’ve set out.

Our Tenants Scrutiny Panel brings together tenants from across the boroughs we operate in and from a mixture of property types and backgrounds.

How does the Tenants Scrutiny Panel work?

Tenants Scrutiny Panel members look into service areas including policies and procedures. The panel members discuss with staff and review procedures, this then is fed back to improve services. Members also receive training and support to be able to perform and improve themselves.


Benefits of being part of the Resident Scrutiny Panel

  • You get a real opportunity to influence our services
  • You gain an in-depth insight into our work as a social housing provider
  • You will get training and development opportunities on the way
  • You will learn new skills and meet new people
  • We pay out of pocket expenses including travel and can help with childcare and carer costs.

We encourage our tenants to join the panel. We expect prospective members to have the following skills:

  • Be able to communicate effectively and share ideas
  • Willingness to learn and participate in training
  • Ability to weigh up issues, challenge constructively and make balanced and judgements seeking consensus and accepting compromise where appropriate
  • Abilities to plan activities, review progress and monitor performance
  • Accountability to scrutiny process

If you would like to join, please contact our Housing Manager Sajna Begum on 020 8815 4200 or email