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London Bridge and Borough Market Incident

We at the North London Muslim Housing Association condemn in the strongest possible terms the recent cowardly attacks on innocent people going about their day to day affairs.

We continue to express our solidarity with the entire country and encourage everyone and anyone to pass information to the authorities of any suspicion against any person who maybe behaving strangely or expressing fanatical views, no matter who they are.

The violence against our country and our people cannot continue in anyone's name and it is our duty to protect what is ours.

Manchester Incident

We were so profoundly shocked to learn of the truly dreadful event which took place in Manchester on Monday night.

North London Muslim Housing Association condemns this senseless act of violence and loss of life and extends its most sincere condolences to the families of those who were caught out in this appalling atrocity

We extend our good wishes for a quick recovery to those who sustained injuries, and to those families whose loved ones are missing.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families

We stand with the people of Manchester. We affirm our solidarity with them during this difficult time.

We will not let acts of terror tear up our communities – in solidarity we stand united against fear and terror.

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Last updated: 07-06-2017

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